Cristina Morales

Take a break from the road in style.

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Being a melting pot of many cultures, the food scene in Singapore is like no other. From Little India to the CBD, you can indulge in beloved dishes like chilli crab, laksa, bak kuh teh, oyster omelette, and more. If

Get your much-needed R&R at this hidden gem in Anilao.

Craving for a change in scenery? If you're tired of staying cooped up in the concrete jungle, it may be high time to immerse yourself in nature. That doesn't necessarily mean a hardcore camping trip in the middle of nowhere

This Hobbiton-inspired stay in Silang is the perfect place to unwind from the grind.

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When life feels a little too complicated, that's your cue to embrace the simple things in life.

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While we wait for a functional time machine, it's the next best thing.

Tucked in the heart of Balete, Batangas is a gem of a resort that will make you feel like you've traveled all the way to the exotic shores of Bali, Indonesia. A restful paradise away from the bustling city, Cintai

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Contrary to what you may think, private island getaways aren't just for the rich and famous. There are quite a few private island destinations in the Philippines that are reasonably priced, so no, you don't have to be a multi-millionaire

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