Ina Louise Manto

A magical island with a mysterious legend!

Experience the beauty of this coastal town.

Free classes? Sign me up!

Entrance fee is just Php 30.

Good food with a view? Perfect.

They're too pretty to eat.

A dream getaway!

Drive-in cinemas can be the next new normal.

A treat for nature lovers.

Everything's just picture-perfect.

Dine like you're in your favorite drama.

Wishing we can have our own rest house as scenic as this one.

Yes, it's fluffy.

P.S. There’s no entrance fee if you just want to take photos.

They clearly look different from above.

Wishing we can ~float~ our worries away.

Straight out of a Wes Anderson film!

A hidden gem in Visayas.

Looking forward to international travel?

Baguio food walk, g?

Ready to go on a road trip?