Meryl Medel

Bookmark this as your next al fresco dining destination!

A staycation for when you can't fly out yet.

Hear mass around the world while staying at home!

The property has ties to the Lupang Hinirang's lyricist!

Best of both worlds!

Enjoy the sea breeze.

Your childhood comics come to life!

Para sa mga beach na beach na!

A private, IG-worthy villa!

So IG-worthy!

Can you believe this place is just three hours away from the metro?

It's well worth the trip!

It's less than two hours away from the metro!

The process is surprisingly simple!

It's just a quick drive away.

This spacious luxury resort has all you need.

Relax and unwind the Korean way.

It's a small space well-loved by locals.

And enjoy the cool Baguio breeze!

Most would say a cup of coffee is enough to satisfy them, but what if you could make it better? That is, with some fresh breeze of air and a majestic view. Plenty of new cafes with great views have

PSA to all parents and guardians!