Meryl Medel

It's a cashless future even on the road.

...For non-tourism purposes, so don't book that flight yet.

Looking for: our own Captain Ri.


Everyone's new favorite color.

You might be able to visit Baguio sooner than you think.

Is this the prettiest Starbucks branch you've ever seen?

Who doesn't want that, right?

Check out this ring of fire on the longest day of the year.

Head to your local health office now.

And maybe even recreate some of the most iconic scenes.

Here's what you need to present.

Vintage-themed cool down.

It's a new world.

Are you ready to see the Land of the Rising Sun?

We want to see it, too.

Been waiting to try out all those thrilling rides in the theme parks abroad but your plans got cancelled? It’s okay. You’ll still have your chance to make those travel plans come true soon. It’s better to stay safe at

It's been waiting for you! ♫

Taking the opportunity to save Mother Earth.

It looks fun, but is it really?

Look who hopped in!