Meryl Medel

Add to the bucket list!

Be informed.

Drink your coffee in style.

Cozy and warm destinations for some romance.

And even beyond!

Bye to this awful holiday traffic!

More commute options!

Hurray for easier, more efficient trips!

It’s a whole other world out there.

What's keeping you from seeing the world?

Everyone knows how important planning for trips in advance is. You need to get the best deals for your flights, hotels, and activities to make the most out of those precious vacation days. Still, the real challenge comes when variables out of your control would force you to rebook flights. Well, this is where Cebu Pacific comes in to the rescue.Starting October 22, 2019, Cebu Pacific will offer CEB Flexi, a flight add-on that gives travelers the flexibility to rebook their flights up to two times for a minimal fee. With CEB Flexi, passengers can also rebook their flight until two hours before departure.

It’s going to be a long year.

Russia, here we go!