5 Things to Do in Mararison Island, Antique

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by | August 01, 2019

When anyone mentions the province of Antique, aside from soaking in a Kawa Bath, island-hopping to Mararison is one of the top draws.

Mararison, also known as Malalison, is a small island beach destination reachable by a 15-minute boat ride from the town of Culasi on the mainland. This 54-hectare hook-shaped island is blessed with refined cream sand and coral beaches ideal for swimming and beach trips.



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Primarily a fishing community, the island has become more popular on social media in recent years because of its picturesque hills, beautiful clear waters and sandbar. If you’re planning a visit, here are some highlights to look forward to.


Get serenaded by the Mararison Children’s Choir

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