6 of the Hippest Hostels in Seoul, Korea

Seoul good.
by | May 21, 2018

Changcheon-dong 275-3, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
+82 10 6494 2154 | timetravelerhongdae@gmail.com
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You won’t find a better place to relax and unwind at in the busy city of Seoul than Time Travelers Relax Guesthouse. It features a lovely reading nook with a shelf full of novels and comic books you can read on a slow afternoon while seated on a comfy wooden table or at the high chairs facing the window, surrounded by plenty of indoor plants that offer a breath fresh air indoors.

The rooms are just as cozy with minimal interior decorations — white walls, small windows, and just a few plants and paintings adorning the space.

It’s the perfect hostel for young travelers as it is located in the heart of Hongdae area and is also a short walk away from the trendy Sinchon neighborhood.

Neo Seoul Guesthouse

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