A Day by the Bay: Postcards from San Francisco

Take a walk in these streets, vicariously for now.
by | July 01, 2019

Some of the more interesting places in the city aren’t tourist spots. They are street-level food place beloved by the locals. Lunch at Tartine was an absolute pleasure. The aroma of their baked breads simmer out into the street, and it gets even better while inside. I suggest the pastrami, it is delicious. After lunch we walked around a bit. walking around San Francisco streets is a delightful experience. Cool weather. Friendly people. Just amazing. For coffee we went to Philz Coffee. You don’t just order a latte or a cappuccino here, the baristas ask you if you like your coffee tangy, smooth, or other coffee artisan terms I know nothing about. They will pick out the beans themselves and brew you your perfect cup. Highly recommended.


Oracle Arena

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