A Drone Tour of Azores, Portugal

Consider this an invitation.
by | January 21, 2017


Globetrotters know that at some point, a trip to the Azores is inevitable with the lush beauty it possesses. But in case you need more convincing, the aerial footage in the video above should be more than enough.

This archipelago is blessed with nine astonishing volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Lisbon and North America. In the footage above, we’re able to witness the beauty of São Miguel Island, the largest island of Azores, which is also aptly known as the “Green Island” for its vibrant greenery.

Its city of Ponta Delgada is nothing short but a picturesque work of art, a perfect postcard souvenir if you happen to visit it one day — adding to that the city overlooks the natural bay. The city possesses a rich history and architectural heritage.

Notable locations simply can’t be missed in Azores like the Sete Cidades Lake, an arcadia that boasts crystal clear waters which offers a real treat to the eyes on a birds eye view. Adding to that is an interesting tale about this lake:

“There’s a cute little story about the reason why one of the lakes is blue and the other green. Legend has it that once upon a time a shepherd and a Princess fell in love, but were prohibited to see each other due to their different family statuses.

When they met for the last time, they cried so much that the Sete Cidades lakes were formed. The blue-eyed shepherd gave origin to the blue lake while the green-eyed princess formed the green lake.”

Its diverse scenery is a rejuvenating treat to its dwellers with not only filled with beautiful lakes, but also sandy beaches, long winding roads paired with rolling hills, breathtaking mountains to hike and an astonishing view of the ocean that makes you to look over it as you figure what’s beyond the horizon.

After spending quite some time with nature, an exploration to Ponta Delgada is much needed with its cosmopolitan setting that remains to keep its historical tradition intact while being able to transition to the contemporary times. Azores is a paradise yet to be explored by many travelers, and although it might be a little far-flung, making the trip to Azores will surely pump up one’s wanderlust to explore the world more.

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