A Review of the Best Beach Products for the Summer

Here are the best products for the season.
by | April 02, 2016

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the wrath of the sun before you hit the beach this summer. Amp up your beauty arsenal, so you can look (and feel) your best while you have fun under the sun.

For the season, we braved the sea of beach products available in the market, and here are the must-haves.

Belo Essentials: SunExpert

belo sunexpert

Of course, wearing sunblock is a must. The harder question is—which one do you buy from the wide range of options? For those with sensitive skin, go for Belo Essentials SunExpert.

You can wear sunblock with ease because their products are hypoallergenic and paraben-free. They’re also non-sticky and quick-drying, so you can say goodbye to the icky feeling you get from most sunblock products.

For body sunblock, choose from the usual lotion (SPF60) or the transparent mist (SPF50). They also offer an ultra-gentle, sheer spray (SPF50) that’s perfect for kids’ delicate skin. As for face sunblock, you have two options. Both are SPF 50, but one is sheer while the other one’s tinted. The latter is perfect who those who want a bit of makeup coverage at the beach.

Human Nature: SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen

humanheartnature safe protect

Kudos to Human Nature for making the Philippines’ first 100% natural sunscreen. Impressively, their sunscreen takes care of the environment, too! Human Nature’s SunProtect Sunscreen (SPF 30) is completely free of harmful chemicals like parabens, oxybenzone, benzophenone, etc. Not only is this beneficial for your skin, this also makes sure that the reefs aren’t bleached as you swim near them.

Human Nature’s sunscreen feels light and cool to the skin. Its natural physical properties deflect UVB rays instead of absorbing them, which is what chemical sunscreens do. Aside from making you feel good, this sunscreen will make you look good, too. You can take lots of pictures without fear of looking like fashion victim, wearing foundation two shades lighter.

Beach Born: Sea Salt Spray

beach essentials 2016

It’s important you commit to your beach look. You have the swimwear down and you’re currently working on your tan, but how about your hair? Achieving effortless beach waves is easier than you think! Well, that’s if you have your hands on Beach Born’s Sea Salt Spray. It’s an all-natural, sea salt-infused spray, which has already gained a cult-following.

Consider the spray your shortcut to hair with volume and waves. The Sea Salt Spray will also keep curls longer sans the need for sticky hairspray. On top of all that, the spray can also be used as a dry shampoo! This is perfect for refreshing oily hair at the beach. All in all, Beach Born’s Sea Salt Spray is a wonder product that’s definitely a must for all beach babes (and hunks sporting long hair).

Nature Republic: 92% Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera 92%

Moisturize without looking like a walking frying pan at the beach. From your hair to your toes, you can use Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Gel for instant, non-sticky hydration. It’s easily absorbed by the skin, and it’ll have you feeling cool and fresh.

Their Aloe Vera Gel is a lifesaver for sunburns. Aloe Vera is widely used for soothing sunburns, so make sure you pack it with you to the beach. And since it’s composed of 92% natural aloe, those with sensitive skin can use the gel without fear of irritation.

Any other must-have beach products for summer? Sound off with your suggestions below!


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