Mustn’t Miss Epicurean Experiences in Taipei

Explore Taiwan by palate. (And visa-free for Filipinos starting November 1.)
by | October 18, 2017

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There’s no denying that Din Tai Fung is an institution in Taiwan. This decades-old, Michelin-starred restaurant has branched out to over 20 countries to give the world a taste of its signature xiao long bao or soup dumplings, but, of course, nothing beats the original. Located in the Xinyi District, the first Din Tai Fung restaurant continues to serve hundreds upon hundreds — if not thousands — of customers from near and far daily. Aside from xiao long bao, other must-try delicacies here are the spicy beef noodle soup, hot and sour soup, and shrimp and pork shao mai.

4. Gorge on street food at night markets.

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