The Best Food We’ve Had on A Trip: Part 1

Sometimes, we bring home the memory of the taste and the experience of being lucky enough to have had our little pieces of umami heaven.
by | July 12, 2017

It’s no secret that travelers often look for the most exotic places in the country they’re visiting. But besides exploring the picturesque views of the place, travelers also love exploring the local cuisine the destination offers.

When people travel they leave not only with memories of the place they’ve visited, but also the taste of the most delectable food they’ve had while on that trip. In most cases, this is the reason why people keep coming back so that they could experience again what it’s like tasting these food the first time.

Here’s part one of our series on people sharing the most memorable and delightful food experiences they’ve had on a trip. Prepare to be hungry!

Boudin Sourdough Factory’s Clam Chowder (San Francisco, California, USA)

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