Street Food Meccas Around the World

You gotta roam these streets.
by | April 27, 2016

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to travel—some are taken by a sense of adventure and wanderlust while others wander from home to find themselves. There are an infinite number reasons you could come up with to go and see the world (and an equal number of reasons you should), but gastronomic delight should be at the top of your list. Let these cities and their incredible street food inspire you.

8. Rome, Italy

Home to one of the oldest outdoor food markets in the world, the Mercato di Testaccio is guaranteed to be a transcendent gastronomic experience. Now housed in a modern, covered space, visitors can look forward to indulging in a delectable tripe sandwich alongside freshly made pizza al taglio. Don’t forget to swing by a counter for some delicious porchetta!

7. Hong Kong

If the hype over Hong Kong street food isn’t enough to turn you into a believer, just check out this A-Z guide to all the fare that the city’s streets have to offer. The Michelin Guide has even given them their own category, for crying out loud. Plan your meals (and waistlines) around sinful noodle dishes and egg waffles, fried squid tentacles and steamed dim sum.

6. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Make the Ben Thanh market your one-stop shop for your tummy’s delight. Start your food crawl with delicious and authentic café sua da with cơm tấm (cooked broken rice) topped with fried egg and bo la lot (seasoned beef), lunch on bánh mì (sandwiches) and some Saigon Beer, and wash it all down with a Pho dinner.

5. Ambergris Caye, Belize


Fondly dubbed “dock food,” watersport (or just water in general) enthusiasts can look forward to capping off a day by the shore with fresh seafood. Time your journey between September to April to catch fresh conch in fritter and ceviche form.


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