Camiguin: Exploring the Island Born of Fire

A nature lover’s theme park.
by | August 02, 2016

Camiguin, an alluring pearl-shaped volcanic island, is another reminder of why it’s “more fun in the Philippines.” If one has passion for adventure and exploration, visiting this place should definitely be on the bucket list.

Though the island itself is relatively small and not big on night life, don’t let that fool you! We stayed here for  days and were fortunate enough to experience most of the sights Camiguin has to offer. If you intend to see everything on this island, though, we recommend allotting a week to explore each location at a relaxed pace.

During our trip, we stayed at Medano Island Resort which is owned and operated by the very hospitable Gallardo family. This beautiful resort is situated on prime location, and has a swimming pool facing the ocean with a head-on view of White Island.

They have comfortable fan-cooled and air-conditioned rooms for solo backpackers, couples, and families. There’s a very relaxed rooftop bar for catching the sunset and listening to live acoustic and reggae music on Friday nights. The staff is incredibly warm and the food is delicious. They also have scooters available for rent to facilitate your escapades around the island.

From Medano Island Resort, check out White Island. White Island is a spectacular sandbar where people can snorkel and admire the breathtaking sunrise which emerges from the silhouette of the majestic volcanic coastline. Take a two-minute walk to the boat area (the staff will be happy to guide you), find a boat, and rent some snorkeling gear if desired. Make sure you visit White Island early in the morning (from sunrise until 8A.M.) as there is no available shade.


Mantigue Island is even more beautiful and accessible by boat as well. Here, you can find a marine sanctuary where you can dive and snorkel. You may also rent gear and ask locals to prepare you a meal on the island itself. Don’t forget to bring cash to pay for your food, a cottage, environmental fees, and other miscellany.



For both islands, pack some aqua shoes to make it easier to walk around the area, since  the sand is heavily mixed with chunks of coral.

Not sure where to start?

  • Take a four-five hour hike to the summit of Mt. Hibok-hibok
  • Visit the Giant Clam Sanctuary and learn from the impressive volunteer students who nurse them
  • Have lunch after ziplining at J&A Fishpen
  • Relax in Camiguin’s soda pools, hot springs, and cold springs.
  • Visit the gorgeous Katibawasan Falls for an ice-cold dip.
  • Have a peaceful meal at the beautiful Casa Roca Inn and be completely surrounded by nature as you dine.



There’s much to experience on this beautiful, eco-friendly island. Pack your sunblock, quick-dry clothing, and passion for travel.

As always, please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. You’re guaranteed to have an amazing time you won’t forget anytime soon.

Got your own Camiguin stories or recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!


Camilla Jeanne was a Communications/Culture trainer at a distinguished financial institution for several years until she walked away from corporate life in pursuit of priceless life experiences. Through selling her condo (along with 90% of her belongings), she explores the breathtaking Philippine Islands through ultralight traveling. She is on a mission to free herself of comfort zones and negative self-views through community work and an appreciative, minimal lifestyle on the road. She is more commonly referred to as Camilla Jeanne of House Madrigal, fluffy but captivating backpacking queen of Paranaque, protector of animals, and enthusiastic explorer of abandoned, creepy places.

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