10 Must-Haves to Pack for Every Long Haul Flight

Or, how to stay fresh even after a grueling 18-hour trip.
by | August 03, 2017

Traveling is fun, but sitting for 13 to 18 hours strapped to a small chair in a flying capsule isn’t. The goal of packing for long-haul flights is two-fold: 1) getting comfy enough to sleep for at least a fourth of the travel time and ease up on jet lag, and 2) pass the time. Thus, here’s a list of what to bring with you on a long flight, many of which will also be handy during any long layovers.

Moisturizer and Lip Balm

Cabin air can get really dry. While you should drink as much water as you feel you need (too much means constant trips to the bathroom, which may prove uncomfortable/inconvenient — especially if you have the window seat), you should also keep your skin and lips comfortably hydrated with moisturizer and some lip balm.

Roanna Jamir was an anchor at CNN Philippines (when it was still Solar News in April 2014), until she left in November 2015. Two months later, prompted to escape the stress and hustle of the news industry she had just quit, she also decided to move her family out of the city and to Boracay Island.  

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