Here are the 19 Destinations You Should Visit in 2019 (According to Airbnb)

Enough places to plan the whole 2019 around!
by | January 03, 2019

As we welcome the New Year, we tend to reflect and look back at some of our amazing and most memorable travels during the past 365 days. We’re also being reflective as we ring in the new year about our ‘bucket lists’ and all the things we’ve ticked off (and tried to tick off) last year.

Planning this year’s travels will be exciting and at times stressful, as there are tons of destinations that thrill-seekers and serial travelers can go to. Thanks to Airbnb, we narrowed down these destinations to 19.

The online marketplace released a list of their top 19 destinations travel junkies should visit this 2019 based on a combination of Airbnb search, booking and wish list growth data.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

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