How to Save Money on Travel in 2017

You can even make some while on the road.
by | January 06, 2017

Traveling incurs huge expense but there are also many ways for you to save, or even offset your expenditure. You don’t necessarily have to go home broke after you travel. All it takes is learning how and where to save money.

Know when to book your flights

Keep an eye on the social media posts of airlines because you’ll never really know when a promo comes up. You should also download their mobile apps to get notifications for promos that come up.

Keep in mind that Tuesdays and Wednesdays typically have the cheapest flights while weekends are pricier. It’s also important to track your dates using tools like SkyScanner and FareCompare to know when the cheapest time to book it=s.

Hunt for free days

Visit museums and tourist places during their free days or when they’re on a discount. There’s always a free day! For shows, check for seasonal cheap seats like London Travelex’s GBP15 tickets, or groundling rates.

Befriend a local or two

What’s the point of traveling to another country if you’ll never have a hands-on interaction with a local? Always talk to locals because they’ll know where the good places and cheap deals can be found.

Eat in, in style!

Before you even go, hunt for markets near your accommodations. In Europe for example, you can get the full local cuisine experience by shopping for produce at a farmers market for you to cook or prepare at home. We don’t mean you should do this for all your meals, but this is way cheaper than eating out.

Do you take good photos? Sell them!

Stock sites like Shutterstock, Gettys, iStock and Alamy are good places to start. And lately, these stock sites have been also looking for stock 4K video clips, so, if your camera is 4K-capable then you’ve got yourself a golden ticket to stock selling.


You can work at a farm in exchange for food and accommodation. While not exactly a way to monetize, this is an experience that’s fun and rewarding at the same time. The organization World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farm aptly known as WWOOF is the most popular option with its huge network around the globe.

Got other tips and advice to save money on travel this 2017? Share them below!

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