I Went On A Food Trip In Hanoi With Locals – Here Are Our Favorite Bites

Local goodies!
by | March 21, 2019

When we stopped by Café Giảng – home of Hanoi’s famed cà phê trứng or egg coffee – I wasn’t exactly the most thrilled to try their specialty. At the back of my mind, I thought, “Who would like to have a good cup of coffee with raw eggs in it?” While the idea was not at all revolting, it wasn’t really that tempting either. Brushing my prejudices aside, though, I took a sip… then, another sip… and another sip. It was really good! The coffee was rich and the egg yolk (mixed with condensed milk) gave it a delightful froth that regular lattes don’t have. Truly a mustn’t-miss when in Hanoi.

Tào Phớ & Chè Khúc Bạch


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