I Went On A Food Trip In Hanoi With Locals – Here Are Our Favorite Bites

Local goodies!
by | March 21, 2019

They say that one’s Hanoi tip won’t be complete without having a taste of the city’s signature dish, so there’s no question why a bún chả place was on top of our itinerary – or should I say eatinerary? This type of minced pork barbecue (chả) that gained much fanfare from former American President Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain is served with a generous helping of rice noodles (bún) and a steaming bowl of savory and mildly sweet dipping sauce. For extra flavor, a mix of Vietnamese herbs, vegetables, sliced chili, and minced garlic are provided on the side, so you could prepare your meal to your own liking.

Nem Cua Be


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