Laos: A Drone Tour

Laos has something for every kind of traveler.
by | June 10, 2017

Laos — isolated from the rest of the world, landlocked between the more popular Asian destinations — is Asia undiscovered. It’s where you’re guaranteed to be rewarded with nothing less than complete peace and solitude.

It’s one of the very few countries that have retained its old-fashioned charm. The rural life is a sight to behold and being able to immerse yourself in it would inspire a change in your perspective on what it means to be rich. Despite Laos being one of the poorest nations, it’s abundant with natural treasures — from its mountains to its valleys, from its jungles to its rivers.

And these natural treasures are undoubtedly its best tourist attractions. You can trek through its jungle-clad mountains, kayak along its stunning river cave Than Khoun Xe, go rock climbing in Thakhek, cruise along the streets to take in the scenic landscapes aboard a motorcycle, or enjoy the stillness of the terraced rice fields in Luang Prabang.

Being a landlocked country, its rivers are what keeps it thriving. The Mekong River, which runs from the Yunnan Province of China all the way to Vietnam, is the lifeline of Laos. A favored thing to do by tourists is to go on a scenic boat ride along Laos’ portion of the Mekong River.

There’s beauty to be witnessed in the ornate temples that are spread all around the country too. The stupas to be found here are unlike anywhere else because of their unique style. Out of all of Laos’ stupas, don’t miss out on its national symbol, the golden Pha That Luang in Vientiane.

Laos has something to provide for every kind of traveler. Foodies will love the exotic tastes of Lao cuisine, adventurers will enjoy the various outdoor activities, and those who seek spiritual healing will find it through temples and secret natural hideaways.

This country truly is the best spot to recharge and get away from the toxicity of everyday life. Let the travel video above show you why.

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