Life Finds A Way on Japan’s Young Volatile Island

Nishinoshima remains a vision of resilience.
by | July 12, 2019

via BBC News

Nishinoshima wasn’t finished. It ate up its old self, gathering each piece of land the volcano would give for the next two years. By now, the new island is now 12 times larger than its original size. Volcanic activity would continue, with a quick yet explosive eruption in 2017. But for now, the island has taken on a serene character, with no reported activity since then.


Life Finds A Way

The island sparked immense interest among biologists. The new island was ripe for life, with passing birds enriching the volcanic land, ready to welcome flora. Though dolphins and whales are frequently seen swimming off the coast of Nishinoshima, succulents and grass have stuck their flag into the dirt.


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