Pinyapel: PH’s Design Center Develops Paper Made From Discarded Pineapple Leaves

Hurray for eco-initiatives!
by | May 16, 2019

“Going green,” “sustainable living,” and “zero waste life” was a big thing in 2018. Filipinos shared articles and posts on how to keep your trash at a minimum, avoiding single-use plastics, and even photos of proud Pinoys bringing their own containers to eat at fast food chains. Now, whether we admit it or not, the clamor has died down a bit. Yes, there are even more local stores that support sustainable living but have the people been true to their goal of keeping their lives zero waste or have they given up and succumbed to the convenience of plastics?

It’s a comfort to know that our local government is going through lengths to study and create products that not only help nature by reducing waste but also help the livelihood of our fellow Filipinos too.

Pinyapel (a portmanteau of pinya which means pineapple, and papel which means paper) is a locally-processed and manufactured specialty paper from locally-sourced discarded pineapple leaves. This project is developed by the Design Center of the Philippines, an attached agency to the Department of Trade and Industry committed to strengthening the Philippines’ design ecosystem.

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