This New Food Tourism Video Will Take You on a Gastronomic Trip Around the Philippines

Eats. More Fun in the Philippines!
by | September 11, 2019

Traveling to any place will not be complete without tasting the unique cuisine they offer. After all, to truly get to know a place, you must do what the locals do and eat what the locals eat.

The Department of Tourism knows this all too well, which is why their new campaign, Eats. More Fun in the Philippines aims to let the world experience what it’s like to be a Filipino and enjoy gastronomic local food.

The Eats. More Fun in the Philippines campaign was formally launched via a gastronomic feast-ival experience at Islas Pinas where the food tourism video was also premiered. Jollibee, DOT executives, and campaign endorsers took guests on a trip to different featured sections at Islas Pinas where short cultural performances and food offerings await.


Filipinos and our love for eating

Over 7,000 islands of the Philippines is gifted with an abundance of flavors through colorful local cuisine all waiting to be discovered by the world.  It’s no secret that we Filipinos love eating, we even make up an excuse just to celebrate with a feast! Every unforgettable moment with the barkada or the family almost always come with food.

The late Chef Anthony Bourdain once predicted the Filipino food will be big in the international scene someday. Our own lechon, adobo, and pansit have different variations and are loaded with different flavors in every region. As Filipinos, it’s in our nature to discover new combinations or even invent new flavors! It’s the variety that makes it exciting to introduce to tourists and foreigners.


There’s no taste like home

There’s probably no other fast-food chain that understands us Filipinos better than Jollibee. The local food giant serves as comfort food to many Pinoys both in our homeland and abroad. Whenever a new Jollibee chain opens in another country, you can be sure Filipinos will line up at the crack of dawn just to taste the flavor of home, a bite of that crispy ChickenJoy, or a twirl of that sweet spaghetti.


Eats. More Fun in the Philippines!

Jollibee’s special pace in the hearts of Pinoys is why DOT established a partnership for a crucial campaign that centers on the Pinoy culture of eating by sharing meals with friends and family.

Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat explains that Eats. More Fun in the Philippines aims to highlight the country as a food destination, and with Jollibee as their partner, a brand which understands what being Pinoy truly means, they will help make this goal come true.


Celebrity chefs and a Pinoy-favorite comedian

Aside from Jollibee, the jolliest chef, DOT’s campaign also features two award-winning chefs and a well-loved comedian — Chefs JP Anglo and Jordan Andino, and Mikey Bustos. These ambassadors add their own flavor and expertise into the mix. Both chefs are behind famous restaurants that champion Filipino cuisine while Content Creator Mikey Bustos is using his platform as a way to humorously show the world our culture as Pinoys and how it’s more fun eating in the Philippines.

Chef JP Anglo (Sarsa Kitchen + Bar, Kafe Batwan, Liberation Shawarma), shares that chefs like him look up to the people who made the Pinoy cuisine landscape the way it is — the street vendors and market people who have been practicing their trade for decades. If not for them, discovering and defining their region’s own food, there would be no Pinoy specialty on the table.

Mikey Bustos shares that pansit patil batung, the “halo halo of pansit” according to him, deserves to be appreciated on an international level. Born in Canada and raised in California, Chef Jordan Andino (Flip Sigi) credits his love for Pinoy cuisine to his grandmother where he learned all his techniques from.


The mouthwatering campaign video

Officially launched to the public on September 1, the DOT and Jollibee Eats. More Fun in the Philippines campaign video is now online. The video features ambassadors Chef JP Anglo, Chef Jordan Andino, and YouTube content creator Mikey Bustos on different ways to eat local food. Jollibee’s ChickenJoy and Jolly Spaghetti are also stars of the show. Hit that share button and show the world how Eats. More Fun in the Philippines!


Where have you had the best Filipino food? Share it with us below!

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