These Are the Ways Travel Raises Your IQ and EQ

Travel is almost always transformative.
by | January 09, 2017

It’s true: traveling can actually make you smarter. While booking a trip to anywhere around the world isn’t going to help you ace that math test, the experiences you gain in the process do significantly affect your mental health. There have actually been numerous studies that prove this connection. Looks like our wanderlust and travel photo-induced jealousy can be justified now!

Here are just some of the added benefits we can get from exploring the great unknown.

It makes us more creative.

The more you travel, the more creative we become. Experiencing the different sights and sounds of the world enriches our imagination because we’re seeing things beyond preconceived notions. It opens our mind to possibilities and it inspires us to create too—whether it’s by taking photos, art journaling, or writing a travel diary.

It broadens our perspective.

As we travel, we gain a better understanding of the world around us. Fully immersing ourselves in an unfamiliar territory allows us to be more perceptive of the environment and the situations that surround us because we become more sensitive to what we say and do, the differences between cultures, and the truth past what we know and are aware of.

It sharpens our mind.

Imagine having to remember street names, train routes, common phrases, and directions every time you’re in a foreign place. Those alone can boost our memory, attention span, and our brain functionality. In a poll conducted by the US Travel Association, retirees who have traveled have lower risk of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, it improves our overall physical health and outlook on life!

It boosts our confidence.

As we conquer the challenges we face during our travels, we slowly learn to adapt well to the situation and environment we’re not used to being in. Being able to adapt and adjust so quickly will make us more confident to go on trips alone (or with other people) to unknown destinations that would have otherwise intimidated us.


What do you think are other benefits do you get from traveling? Share us your thoughts below!


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