What’s the Tea? Tita T is Here!

Tita T for a worry-free travel!
by | September 18, 2019

Have you ever been catfished by the picture of a beautiful hotel room, only to find out that you just booked yourself a dingy, old room? Or maybe you got scammed by an online booking site that ran away with your money. We’ve all had our own travel booking horror stories, that’s why it’s not surprising that we all developed trust issues with these online transactions. Now, that’s some cold, bitter tea.

However, Traveloka aims to warm that tea up through their good and satisfying services.

With the desire to boost Filipino’s trust on online transactions, Traveloka introduces Tita T—a campaign personality that embodies that one hip and all-knowing Tita that everyone in the family trusts and turns to for any kind of dilemma. Tita T was designed to possess all the remarkable qualities of our favorite world-trotting titas: knowledgeable, resourceful and has an eye for the fancy things without disregarding the value for money.

Just like our titas, Traveloka will make you feel safe and secured when booking your travel plans with them.

Traveloka is the number one technology solution in South East Asia that provides a wide array of travel and lifestyle booking selections within one platform: flights, hotels, experiences, with various payment services and more. Easy and secured, Traveloka will help you fulfill your travelling dreams in just one tap.

Want to know more? Let Tita T show you.


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