10 Free Things You Can Do in Singapore

All you need is a trusty pair of shoes and a sense of adventure!
by | November 16, 2019

It’s easy to see why Filipinos like traveling to Singapore year after year. There’s the close proximity (it only takes about 4 hours of flying), the number of great attractions and activities, and the pull of a country that successfully combined urbanization with green spaces, you’d want to live there. If you’re planning on visiting Singapore any time soon but you’re worried about it getting expensive, you don’t need to shell out a lot of cash to enjoy yourself. All you need is a trusty pair of walking shoes, your camera, your water bottle, and a sense of adventure!

Hike the city’s smallest hill – Mount Faber

Mount Faber is a hill in Singapore that’s about 105 meters tall; its height makes it a great half-day trek for locals and tourists. Hiking Mount Faber will allow you to escape the city and be immersed in Singapore’s great flora and fauna. At the peak, you’ll be rewarded with restaurants, observatory decks, and a great view of the city unlike no other spot in the country. Although it is possible to drive up to the peak or even ride a cable car but who would want to miss the majestic view?

Stroll the Southern Ridges

As developed a country that Singapore is, there’s no shortage of amazing green spaces to behold. The Southern Ridges is a 10km stretch of linked bridges and walkways that start at the Marang Trail and climbs up to the peak at Mount Faber Park. You can also catch sight of the Henderson Waves, an elegant piece of modern architecture that lights up at night.

Visit Sentosa beaches

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