International Food Trends Worth Booking a Trip for in 2017

Ube's so 2016.
by | January 05, 2017

People are now on the lookout for the next culinary gems that will take the world by storm. Here are just some of the predicted eats you should try on your next trip for the year!

Impossible Burger

via Forbes

We’re well acquainted with veggie burgers that only faintly taste like meat, but Impossible Foods has created the “Impossible Burger,” a veggie burger that looks, is cooked, and tastes exactly like ordinary beef burger.

A product of five years’ worth of research, the Impossible Burger has made waves for being the perfect healthy alternative that would dupe even the burger purists. In fact, principal scientist at the company Celeste Holz-Schietinger said, “We’re not making a veggie burger. We’re making meat. It’s just from plants.”

As of date, it’s currently being served in Momofuku Nishi in New York, Cockscomb in San Francisco, Jardinière also in San Francisco, and Crossroads Kitchen in California.


This simple lunchbox-type rice dish originating from Korea might be the next talk of the town thanks to Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong in New York and LA.  The way the waiters put on a show as they shake the little lunchbox prior to serving it to you is so amusing that videos of the spectacle have gone viral online, sparking curiosity over the dish. That’s entertainment you’d want to see!

Gudetama-theme Café

This lazy, unmotivated Sanrio character has captivated many hearts for its being so adorable and relatable. Various Gudetama-themed cafés have opened up shop throughout the course of the year but only for a limited time. Following the success of the themed café in Japan and Hong Kong, Singapore currently welcomes tourists who want a taste of the cute, lazy egg. This is one thing you just have to check off your bucket list.


Middle Eastern Cuisine is slowly gaining much attention, and Instagram feeds are blowing up with Instagenic photos of the shakshuka. It’s an egg dish baked in tomato sauce that will soon change the game of breakfast food. This dish is popular throughout the region, so if you want to taste the authentic, you know where to head.

Golden Latte

via T2 Tea

Golden Latte, or Turmeric Latte, has gained a cult following in hip, third-wave cafés across Europe. It’s been dubbed by The Guardian as “your 2016 drink of choice” and stands a chance to overtake the hype of the US’s pumpkin spice latte. Just one sip of this nutritious, earthy, and delicious latte will leave you hooked.

What food trends would you want to see this year? Let’s talk about them in the comments!

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