Summer Skincare Tips for Every Girl Who Loves to Travel

So you’ll always look your best!
by | April 18, 2017

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Always Have On-the-go Wipes

You can’t always have access to running water while traveling but it doesn’t mean you can forget about washing your face. When the whole facial wash-and-water routine seems impossible, your best option is to use a face wipe. It’s like splashing cold water on your face but with added benefits! Most facial wipes are enriched with vitamins B and E which are good for your skin.

De-Puff Tired Eyes

Traveling can sometimes leave you feeling tired before you even reach your destination. Avoid having puffy-looking peepers and deep, dark circles by dabbing on a cooling eye treatment. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and prone to fast aging; a little help will definitely make a difference. Don’t forget to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses, too!

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Exfoliate for smoother skin

Remove dead skin at least once a week to prevent congestion and so you can maximize the hydration from moisturizers. Just remember not to overdo it on days when you plan on being in the sun for an extended period of time. After exfoliating, put on some hydrating face and body cream so you can lock in the moisture.

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