Gear Up for a Year of Travel with these Practical Packing Must-Haves

Yes, you need them.
by | January 11, 2024

Got your flights booked and itineraries ready for your 2024 travels? Now that the important travel details are out of the way, prepare for your upcoming trips by preparing everything you’ll need to make your travels more comfortable. In case you’re looking for travel must-haves to invest in without breaking the bank, check out this list of practical packing essentials:


Collapsible tabo

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How to spot a Pinoy traveler: when one can’t live without wet wipes, a portable bidet, or, in this case, a collapsible tabo or dipper. While it’s impractical to bring this everywhere as you can survive with wet wipes, a collapsible dipper is more useful for accommodations where you don’t have access to a bidet, like hostels, guesthouses, or Airbnbs in countries where bidets aren’t common.

Available online for PHP 89.


Compression bags


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Compression bags and travel cubes – is there really a difference between them? Yep, there is. Travel cubes basically help you organize your luggage while compression bags let you organize while saving space. That’s why you’ll notice that compression bags usually come with an extra zipper, giving you more space in your luggage. You’d want to invest in high-quality compression bags with zippers that won’t give up after a few trips, just like this newly-released collection by BASH. Fun fact: this brand is actually co-owned by Bea Alonzo.

Get it online starting at PHP 395.


Folding water bottle

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If you’re visiting a destination where it’s hot and humid, you might want to bring water to keep you cool and refreshed throughout the day. But we know how bulky popular tumbler brands can get, so foldable bottles are your best bet. It’s easy to pack in your daily travel bag, lessens garbage, and, most importantly, helps you save on extra expenses from constantly buying drinks when you’re out and about. Plus, there are destinations where access to potable water is easy, so don’t forget to check when preparing your itinerary.

Get it online for PHP 189.


Portable slippers

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When you think normal flip-flops or hotel slippers might do the trick, introduce yourself to portable slippers. If you’re the type to choose fashion over comfort when traveling (because who would want to look bad in travel photos, right?) and need that chic OOTD, portable slippers will save you when your feet are tired and aching. This is also perfect for day trips, the beach, or when going camping.

Get it online for PHP 220.


Portable hangers


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While hangers are usually provided in hotels, you’ll notice that they’re usually permanently attached to the closet, which can be quite challenging if you want to hand-wash clothes while traveling. You won’t easily find hangers in accommodations like hostels, so it is handy to have these hangers tucked in your luggage.

Get it online for PHP 145.


Bathroom rack

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Speaking of washing clothes while traveling, this bathroom rack is handy for your undergarments. Instead of hanging your intimates in random towel racks in your hotel bathroom, you can keep them in one place with this portable rack. This is a must-have if you plan on traveling for a while, especially at a location where you won’t have easy access to laundromats.

Get it online for PHP 145.


Vacuum seal bags

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Planning to spend your next holidays at a destination with colder weather or snow? Layers will be your best friend, but they will probably occupy much of your luggage space. Store your thicker items in vacuum seal bags to make space for more clothing. You don’t have to buy an automatic or electric pump; save up, get a manual pump instead, and get your arm muscles moving.

Get it online starting at PHP 45.


Travel phone holder Link in bio! #fyp #budolfinds #travelhack #travel #inflight #flyinghack ♬ Trendsetter – Connor Price & Haviah Mighty

No in-flight entertainment? No problem. Continue watching your shows or see a new movie without a cramping neck or hand from holding your phone for a period of time. All you have to do is attach this holder to the table attached to the plane or train seat. Now that’s entertainment on the go.

Get it online for PHP 149.


Multifunctional card tool

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From broken luggage wheels to clothing tags, you’ll never know when you’ll need a set of tools on the go. The toolset already has 12 tools packed in a card-sized container. Some tools include scissors, screwdrivers, and tweezers.

Get it online for PHP 115.


Portable raincoat

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Checking the weather should be on top of your daily tasks when traveling, but we know how unpredictable the weather can sometimes get. If you don’t want to carry an umbrella when touring, get this affordable portable raincoat you can easily clip on your bag or tuck in one of your pockets. It’s just as small as a cute keychain!

Get it online for PHP 14.


Microfiber towel

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Whether going to the beach, camping, or squeezing in a workout while traveling, a handy towel is necessary. This body towel is made of microfiber and absorbs quickly without the usual dampness you’ll get from typical bath towels. It’s also thin enough to be folded without taking up too much space and comes with a loop for easier packing or hanging when drying.

Get it online for PHP 450.


Universal travel adapter

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Embrace your inner airport dad and get yourself a universal travel adapter. No one wants to experience the horrors of gadgets with drained batteries and having to scour through different stores in the wee hours of the night looking for adapters, so save yourself from unnecessary stress and come prepared. This adapter also has different USB ports, so you don’t have to bring an extra bulky extension cord.

Get it online starting at PHP 699.



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