5 Bar Drinks Inspired by Philippine Culture

So which one will be your signature drink?
by | August 31, 2016

The best way to know about a country’s culture is through its food, but these local bars kick it up a notch by showcasing Philippine culture through its drinks—from using local flavors to paying homage to national icons.

Mojito de Mayon

Mojito de Mayon, Php 280
Aracama, The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(+63) 917 861 2702

Made from vodka and muddled lime wedges, Aracama’s Mojito de Mayon is topped with shaved ice, drizzled with flavored sugar syrup, and formed into a cone shape to mimic Mayon Volcano’s distinct shape (pre-chipping). You can have your drink drizzled with the flavored syrup of your choice—strawberry, passion fruit, cherry, and mango.


Chocolate Hills Porter

Chocolate Hills Porter, Php 250
The Bottle Shop, Tritan Ventures Building, Paseo De Magallanes Center, Magallanes, Makati
(02) 8956175

No one else can reimagine Bohol’s famed Chocolate Hills in a way that The Cebruery has—as a locally brewed craft beer. The Porter combines dark caramel, chocolate, and black patent malt with Australian, American, and British hops, then put through fermentation.

Lakan Lambanog

Lakan Lambanog, Php 360 per shot
Salon de Ning, The Peninsula, Ayala Corner Makati Avenue, Urdaneta, Makati
(02) 8872888

Lambanog, or coconut vodka, is a uniquely Filipino alcoholic drink popular in the provinces for spontaneous inuman sessions. Philippine Craft Distiller’s, Inc. takes this and transforms it into an award-winning high-class liqueur: Lakan Extra Premium Lambanog. Made from 100% coconut nectar and distilled with the traditional 90 proof potency, Lakan has made waves in the market with its smooth and subtle taste. The promise of no hangover is also a unique draw.

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Panutsa Old-Fashioned

Panutsa Old-Fashioned, Php 395
Long Bar Raffles Hotel, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, San Lorenzo, Makati
(02) 5559888
Long Bar puts a new spin on the classic whiskey cocktail by sweetening the Jim Beam Bourbon and Regan’s Orange Bitters mixture with panutsa (peanut brittle) which gives you a perfect balance of smoky, bitter, and sweet all in one drink.

Bonifacio Sour


Bonifacio Sour, Php 295
‘Cue Modern Barbeque, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(02) 6214052

Ask the man behind the drink (and New York City’s Maharlika and Jeepney) Enzo Lim why it’s called such a name, and he’ll gladly tell you. Created as a tribute to the Philippine Hero, Lim’s signature drink is this citrusy cocktail made of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, lemon, calamansi and red wine float and topped with egg white.

Know of other places that serve drinks inspired by Philippine culture? Share them with us below!

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