5 Beachy Escapes for Long Weekends

This could be you on a long weekend.
by | August 16, 2018

Composed of five coves that form the shape of a hand with all fingers spread out, Five Fingers in Bataan has something for every adventure seeker, as each cove has its own character. Hopping off the boat on Talain Cove, the first stop, can already be quite a task, with the waves crashing against the rocks. If you want to challenge your fear of heights, take a leap of faith at the 40 ft. jumping point at Tinanlakan Cove. Stretch out your legs and go for a trek on Apatot Cove to find out why this place is tagged as the “Batanes of the West” or take a leisurely swim in its surrounding waters. But if you want to keep things chill, you can simply marvel at the rock formations in Pulong Kawayan Cave and Nagbintana Cove. After cove hopping, cap off your day at Laki Beach – an unspoiled haven with brilliant vistas – just the perfect treat after a tiring excursion.


Islas de Gigantes – Carles, Iloilo

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