5 Cheap Things to Do in Elyu for the Non-Surfers

Save this for your next Elyu trip!
by | March 19, 2024

Famous for its surfing waves, La Union (also locally called Elyu) is a go-to place for surfers. But contrary to popular belief, the province is more than just a surfing destination – Elyu also boasts local tourist spots you can enjoy without splurging too much. If you are wondering what to do on your first (or next) Elyu trip, here’s a quick checklist for you.

5. Revisit history at the Baluarte Watch Tower

Along the town of Luna’s shoreline is the historical Baluarte Watch Tower, a 400-year-old brick-walled structure made during the Spanish colonization period. The Spaniards were said to have strategically built the watchtower to protect the coastal town from oncoming attacks of pirates and conquerors. Tourists and locals can freely enter the watchtower and take as many photos as they can inside.

4. Meditate at Ma-cho Temple

Standing at the top of a hill overlooking the town of San Fernando is the country’s first Taoist temple, Ma-cho Temple. As you enter, a path lined with 18 Chinese statues will lead you to the elegant Five Door Gate, a rare sight as the typical Taoist temples only have three archways. It is one of the biggest Taoist temples outside of China so this is a must-visit.

3. Handpick sweet grapes at local vineyards

As you travel to the famous beaches of San Juan, you might encounter dozens of grape farms along the road. Bauang, La Union, is famous for their line of vineyards where tourists can choose and pick their grapes. The best time to visit is during the dry season when rain is scarce, and the grapes are primarily ripe. Local vineyards like Gapuz Grapes Farm (no entrance fee) and Lomboy Farms (offers wine-tasting sessions and farm tours) are some of the farms you should visit.

2. Be refreshed at the Tangadan Falls

Tucked deep inside the mountains of San Gabriel is the majestic Tangadan Falls. The journey to the 40-foot falling water is an adventure in itself, especially for thrill-seekers and trekkers, although thosewith heart conditions are discouraged from going. Tangadan’s clear pool-like water beneath and above the falls will surely washaway anyone’s fatigue!

1. Take a dip at Immuki Island

For only 20 pesos, you can visit Immuki Island – a dead coral island known for its crystal clear water. Immuki is only a few meters from the shore of Balaoan, so tourists can walk to the island during low tide or rent a balsa during high tide. A quick reminder: wear your best aqua shoes to protect your feet from the dead corals.


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