5 of the Hippest Hostels in Osaka

Always a great time in Osaka!
by | June 07, 2018

1-20-5 Ebisu-Higashi Naniwa-ku, Osaka
(+81) 6-6537-7090 | info@thepax.jp
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This small hostel that’s only a few strides away from the iconic Tsutenkaku Tower of Osaka situates you in the middle of a food haven where you can explore and indulge anytime you want to.

The hostel itself stands above a café and records store which is a hip spot to spend time in during the early mornings of the day.

Despite the size of Pax Hostel, you won’t ever feel that you’re cramped. The bunk beds and private rooms are spacious enough to comfortably lie down and rest your body, and the amenities available for guests are enough to provide you with a hassle-free stay.


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