6 Scenic Fall Foliage Spots In Asia That Will Take Your Breath Away

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by | August 20, 2019

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When To Visit: Late November

Kyoto is an incredibly famous city in Japan when it comes to koyo (fall color) or momigari (red leaf hunting). People would flock to temples like Kiyomizudera Temple and Tofukuji Temple to admire the season’s leaves and sights, but perhaps, no place is as special as Rurikoin Temple. Sitting at the foot of Mount Hieizan, it opens its doors for worship twice a year only—in spring (April to June) and in autumn (October to December). Like most temples in Japan, it is embraced by a garden, offering arresting views pretty much everywhere you look. But on your visit, don’t miss the momiji floor or the “red leaf” floor. It is an exquisitely polished floor on the second level of the temple that reflects the foliage like a mirror.


Nami Island – Chuncheon, South Korea

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