A Peanuts-Themed Hotel Just Opened in Japan, and You’ll Want to Check-in ASAP

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by | August 06, 2018

No words can describe the attention to detail and amazing creativity that was poured into the design of the Peanuts Hotel. Walls are adorned with Snoopy illustrations and Peanuts memorabilia, and you can’t help but be immersed in the theme and essence of the comic strip your room represents.

There’s a space-themed room, for example, which is based on the 1969 strip where Snoopy became the first beagle dog to ever land on the moon, made in commemoration of his being the first official NASA mascot in 1968 and of the Apollo 10 Lunar Model being named after him. The interiors are very futuristic-looking, and Astronaut Snoopy is painted on the ceiling exploring the galaxy.

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