In Photos: Here are the “Deadliest” (Also, Prettiest) Cocktails in Asia

Travel through Asia with these signature drinks.
by | August 19, 2017

There’s a reason why this Indonesian cocktail is called such, and long-term Bali residents know of it fully well. Made primarily of arak, a traditional Balinese rice liquor, with soda or citrus juices, Arak Attack holds a reputation for being foul-tasting but so strong that, if you had every intention to get smashed as quickly as possible, it would do the trick. Ask the Balinese about the drink and you’ll immediately be met with horror stories, such as how over 25 people died from alcohol poisoning by drinking this in 2009. But then, it’s the life-threatening risk that makes having the Arak Attack all the more exciting. You can get yourself a glass while lounging around the bars around Kuta Beach.

Death in the Afternoon

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