LOOK: Here’s Where to Witness Northern Lights in East Asia

Some areas witnessed the lights for the first time ever.
by | December 27, 2023

From pink lakes to Martian rock formations, the great outdoors has plenty of unique phenomena that leave us mesmerized and make us want to travel to far-flung places to witness them with our own eyes. This includes a playful display of lights – the northern lights, which is arguably on many people’s travel bucket lists. Who wouldn’t want to see this breathtaking phenomenon in real life?

Also known as Aurora Borealis, these dancing lights are usually seen near the earth’s poles: Alaska, Canada, and Norway, to name a few. But there have been rare aurora sightings in East Asian countries recently. Here’s where you can find them:


Hokkaido, Japan

For the first time since 2003, the Northern Lights were witnessed in Hokkaido, Japan. Boasting a red hue, a Japanese photographer shared on X (formerly Twitter) a timelapse of the dancing lights seen from an observatory in Rikubetsu.

The eight-minute movement is played at approximately eight times the speed.

What makes this sighting even more special is that the Northern Lights usually appear in hues of green, but the ones captured in Hokkaido were red.


Beijing, China

While the Northern Lights glowed red in Japan, a bright purple hue graced the skies of Mohe City on the same night in China. This is the second time it was seen in the country, ever.

The lights were also witnessed across different cities in China, such as Ergun. Citizens were able to see the display of lights for 10 minutes.



Moving to China’s neighboring country, red aurora lights were also spotted in Mongolia on December 1.

These rare sightings were due to geomagnetic storm activity, according to reports.


Have you seen the Northern Lights, and where did you witness them? Share your experience below!


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