Unlocking Europe: The 10 Easiest Countries to Get a Schengen Visa

More chances for making that dream Euro trip come true.
by | January 17, 2024

Going on a European trip is a dream for most Pinoys as you can explore multiple countries without frequent flights – a new city is just a train or bus ride away. However, Pinoys need a visa to explore these beautiful places. With an approved visa, one can visit 27 Schengen countries. Gearing up for your application? According to data collected in 2022, these are the countries with higher chances of getting an approved Schengen visa:


10. Italy

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Italy remains one of the most-visited European countries, with nearly 50 million tourist arrivals in 2022. The boot-shaped country also has a visa rejection rate of only 12.7 percent.

Why you should visit: Italy is home to 59 UNESCO sites – 53 of which are cultural, while the rest are natural. Feast your tummy with delectable cuisine, your eyes on amazing landscapes and historic sites, feel the sun’s warmth in its scenic coastal cities, and shop till you drop with its luxury goods.


9. Greece

Greece has a rejection rate of 12.5 percent.

Why you should visit: From Santorini’s blue and white marble buildings to Athens’ Parthenon, Greece is the place to enjoy vibrant nightlife, beaches, sailing, historical landmarks, and catching sunsets.


8. Switzerland

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Switzerland has a rejection rate of 12 percent.

Why you should visit: Switzerland has postcard-like views of nature, some of the world’s best ski resorts, a fairytale-like village in Grindelwald, addictive chocolate and cheese, trains with the most picturesque views, and more. K-drama fans can go on a filming location pilgrimage – some of Crash Landing On You’s iconic scenes were filmed around Switzerland.


7. Poland

Poland has a rejection rate of 11.6 percent.

Why you should visit: If you’re looking for an underrated destination, Poland is an ideal country to discover and experience. Its former capital city, Krakow, alone is filled with history to learn, architecture to admire, and interesting cafes and restaurants.


6. Luxembourg


Luxembourg has a rejection rate of 10.5 percent.

Why you should visit: Aside from being the second richest and one of the safest countries in the world, public transportation in Luxembourg is free! That’s one less thing to worry about when preparing your budget for this country. For history and architecture buffs, there are plenty of medieval towns to explore, making tourists feel like they’re in a fairytale.


5. Finland

Finland has a rejection rate of 9.7 percent.

Why you should visit: Did you know Finland is the happiest country in the world? In fact, it has been ranked first for six consecutive years already, according to the World Happiness Report. It’s home to beautiful forests, water activities, and sauna culture. Your trip here without experiencing the sauna and seeing the Northern Lights.


4. Slovakia

Slovakia has a rejection rate of 9.7 percent as well.

Why you should visit: Slovakia may be a small country, but it’s packed with unique travel destinations such as castles, folk architecture, and hot springs. In fact, it’s home to one of the largest castles in the world, Spis Castle, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. This country is also home to the first folk architecture reservation in the world, the wooden village of Čičmany.


3. Latvia

Latvia has a rejection rate of 9.5 percent.

Why you should visit: Latvia’s capital, Riga, alone is a charming city that’s full of history, architecture, and delicious cuisine. If you plan on connecting with nature, Latvia has many long-distance hiking trails, whether by the sea, an ancient valley, or forests.


2. Lithuania

Lithuania has a rejection rate of 7.8 percent.

Why you should visit: Lithuania is another Baltic country where you can appreciate baroque architecture, especially the Old Town of Vilnius. In fact, this town is one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe, with palaces, religious monuments, and museums to explore.


1. Iceland

Iceland only has a rejection rate of 1.9 percent, making it the easiest country to apply for a Schengen visa.

Why you should visit: Iceland is one of the best places to witness the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun, breathtaking waterfalls and landscapes, and explore ice caves. No trip to this country is complete without a relaxing Blue Lagoon experience, where tourists are treated to unique geothermal seawater.


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