How to Survive Your First Trip to Bali, Indonesia

Spoiler: it's summer for most of the year.
by | June 05, 2017

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Although much has changed at the island of the gods over the years, Bali’s still one of those Asian destinations worth crossing off that bucket list if you ask me.

So before you start packing bags and booking tickets for this gem in the Indonesian archipelago, here are a few things to keep in mind especially if it’s your first rodeo.

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Crossing Borders

Going with a travel buddy or a group is the best way to do Bali, but if you’re down with the whole lone-wolf thing, riding solo also has it perks.

Tourist visas are no longer required for valid Filipino passports, just make sure those ticket dates going back do not exceed 30 days upon entry.


When To Go

Bali’s dry season is from February or March all the way to November. This is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of life flock the island. Shifting around mid-November or December, the wet season kicks in and stretches until February or March of the following year.


The Economy

After a decent amount of Bahasa and some bargaining skills, cost of living in Bali isn’t really too far from what we’ve got back home. When 1.00 Philippine Peso is equivalent to .0037 Indonesian Rupiah, you’ll be dealing with millions out there so let that sink in for a moment.


Peace Of Mind

Coming from a fellow developing country, it does pay to be extra careful with money changers, credit cards and to any of your valuables for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, majority of the people you bump into in Bali are good souls but nowadays it’s just tough keeping out the bad apples.

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