10 of the Hippest Accommodations in Singapore

Each place is a destination in itself.
by | June 01, 2017

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When it comes to quick vacations outside of the country, Singapore is always our top spot. It’s a country so full of personality and seems to have something to offer for every kind of traveler — whether you’re a foodie, an artsy tourist, or a luxury vacationer.

Whichever type you may identify with, you’re guaranteed to have a comfortable stay at Singapore’s numerous accommodations that range from the minimalist to the avant-garde. Here are our top picks!

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The Pod

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289 Beach Road Level 3, Singapore
(+65) 6298 8505 | info@thepodcapsulehotel.com
Website, Facebook
Price range: SGD 35 – SGD 90 a night

Who would have thought capsule hotels could be stylish? The Pod exceeds expectations by exuding utmost elegance while still being affordable to guests who are satisfied with having a bed to rest on. There are 100 cozy capsule rooms and suites, and a complete set of amenities which will guarantee you a comfortable and tranquil rest despite being within arm’s length of the other hotel guests.

Located in the outskirts of Singapore’s Central Business District, you won’t have a hard time accessing the different must-see sites of the city.

Bunc Hostel

15 Upper Weld Road, Singapore
(+65) 6262 2862 | info@bunchostel.com
Website, Facebook, Instagram
Price range: SGD 14 – SGD 168 a night

This hostel prides itself for having the same comfortable qualities of a boutique hotel while maintaining the culture of a hostel where you can meet and mingle with other travelers from different parts of the world. Each bed is provided with the necessary amenities you’d need for a quick and cozy stay, such as your own locker, a table, reading lamp, and more.

Bunc also has a number of other facilities that make it stand out, including an outdoor movie deck, a book exchange corner, a computer area, and an Instagrammable communal pantry and dining room! And when you choose to step outside for a quick stroll, Little India is just around the corner.


2 Dickson Road, Singapore
(+65) 6579 2026 | WLH-Res@unlistedcollection.com
Website, Facebook, Instagram
Price range: SGD 129 – SGD 239 a night

True to its name, Wanderlust draws in guests with a thirst for adventure. Stepping through its doors, you’re immediately transported to a world full of whimsy and color. Each of its 29 rooms bombard your senses with distinct interiors of varying motifs and featured works by award-winning Singapore design agencies Asylum, :Phunk Studio, and fFurious. Its in-hotel restaurant Audace isn’t one to be ignored either; it’s where you’ll be served delicious French Bistro fare any time of the day!

Lloyd’s Inn

2 Lloyd Road, Singapore
(+65) 6737 7309 | mail@lloydsinn.com
Website, Facebook, Instagram
Price range: SGD 140 – SGD 270 a night

Lloyd’s Inn focuses on minimalistic design, doing away with as much ornaments as possible to provide a calming aura to anyone seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. From white walls and wide glass windows to a dipping pool surrounded by lush greenery, this accommodation is the best place for you to unwind; you wouldn’t even believe you’re staying in the heart of Singapore city!

M Social Hotel

90 Robertson Quay, Singapore
(+65) 6206 1888 | reservations.mss@millenniumhotels.com
Website, Facebook, Instagram
Price range: SGD 160 – SGD 300 a night

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a robot cater to your needs, M Social is the place to have it realized. This hotel, making strong impressions for its artistic interior design and branding by visionary genius Philippe Starck, is steps ahead in integrating technology in its customer service, despite being a boutique hotel.

Rooms have an industrial feel, almost the complete opposite of the hotel’s glitzy design. The Loft-type rooms are the main attraction, and staying in one will make you feel like waking up to the condo unit of your dreams.

Although hidden within Robertson Quay, it’s conveniently located that you’ll only have to walk a few minutes to find a number of bars, coffee shops, bakeries and convenience stores to satisfy your needs throughout the day.

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