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Cancel Your Plans: Foreign Tourists Will Not Be Allowed in Bali for the Rest of 2020

Authorities are addressing the rising cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia.
by | August 28, 2020

No more ‘finding yourself’ or embarking on an ‘eat, pray, love’ itinerary through Bali this year. Foreign tourists won’t be allowed to visit the Indonesian island for the rest of 2020, said their governor. The Bali tourist ban is meant to address the growing concerns on the rising coronavirus cases in the country.

Before the ban, the initial plan was to open the island to foreign tourists next month, September. They have already re-opened famous tourist attractions and hotspots at the end of July but the plan to welcome more tourists is officially canceled.

Bali is famous for its picturesque beaches, gorgeous temples, and beautiful rice paddies that extend everywhere. Millions of tourists visit the island every year to explore the volcanic mountains, taste the island’s one-of-a-kind cuisine, and just bask in the rich art scene. It’s unfortunate to hear that tourist hotspots might have to remain empty of curious foreigners for now.

Governor Wayan Koster announced in a press conference that “the situation in Indonesia is not conducive to allow international tourists to visit the country, including Bali.”

It wasn’t specified when the island could open for tourists but fingers crossed come 2021, things will start going back to normal. The prolonged closure of these hotspots also means the livelihood of locals is in danger.

As of writing, Indonesia has more than 160,000 confirmed cases and more than 7,000 deaths. Experts believe that the numbers could be much higher owing to the limited testing.


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