Here’s Why You’ll Want to Fund this Travel Jacket

It could be the best travel accessory ever!
by | August 04, 2015

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Fund the BauBax travel jacket, and you will be part of the 19,753 backers (and counting) that have made Kickstarter history. One of a kind with 15 extremely handy features, this travel jacket is “the most funded clothing project in the history of crowdfunding.”

Why this much unbelievable support for an article of clothing, you may ask? The BauBax jacket is “the Swiss army knife of travel wear,” according to CNN Money. Hiral and Yoganshi, founders of the BauBax, call it the “jacket you always needed, but never existed”.

Through its nine distinct pockets, the BauBax travel jacket has made transporting your belongings much more convenient. Each pocket is specially made to fit a specific item. There are pockets for your smartphone, iPad, earphones that won’t be tangled anymore, passport, portable charger, glasses, and hands that need warming. There’s even a koozie drink pocket that sustains the temperature of your refreshment while averting spillage.

It seems that the founders of the BauBax have thought of every single need a traveler might come across. Don’t have a pen for your immigration form? This jacket’s zipper transforms into a pen and stylus. Feeling sleepy, but finding your airplane/train/bus seat uncomfortable? The BauBax jacket comes with an inflatable neck pillow. It only takes two seconds to inflate it, and you only need to press a button to deflate it. Still can’t sleep because it’s too bright? The BauBax not only has a built-in eye mask; it also has a sleeping hood that’s removable for an instant fashion transformation after your nap.

Speaking of fashion, the BauBax travel jacket comes in three colors, in four styles, as well as in variants for men and women. Women can choose from pink, blue and grey while men can select from charcoal, blue and black. There will also be four styles to choose from: water-repellent windbreaker, wrinkle-free blazer, 100% cotton sweatshirt, and fleece-lined bomber.

It’s currently priced at $160 to $200 depending on the style, but its combined features add up to $315 when bought separately. For those with wanderlust and more importantly, with a substantial amount of moolah to spare, the BauBax travel jacket will be available for delivery this November.

Is this the travel companion you’ve been looking for? Let us know if it’s a yay or a nay in the comments!

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