5 Stunning Beaches in Cebu That Are Worth Seeing

How many of these beaches have you visited?
by | August 13, 2020

There’s no wonder why both local and international tourists love Cebu. It’s filled with heritage sites, fun festivals, local food that is worth the extra pounds, and awe-inspiring sites that would look for the ‘gram. If you’re planning a trip to the Queen City of the South, don’t forget to add these stunning beaches in Cebu that would complete a dream holiday.




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Moalboal is a popular site for scuba diving where you can see different species of corals and fish, or even spot a pawikan. If you’re a skilled diver, don’t forget to visit one of Moalboal’s diving spots, which is the plane wreck that sits 20 meters underwater. But other than its diving spots, Moalboal has plenty of picturesque beaches like Pagsamana, which is a long stretch of white sand beach.

How to get there: From Cebu City, ride a bus to Moalboal at the South Bus Terminal. Drop off at Basdaku, Moalboal and ride a habal-habal to the beach. Travel time takes approximately 2.5 hours from the city.


Santiago White Beach

If you’re looking for more adventure for your Cebu trip, going to Camotes Island is definitely worth the extra travel time. It’s one of Cebu’s must-visit destinations and the home of white sand beaches like Santiago. Enjoy walking on the fine sand and if you want a different experience, setting up tents is allowed on the beach. You can go stargazing at night while listening to the sound of waves – nothing can be more perfect than that.

How to get there: From Cebu City, take a bus going to Danao at the North Bus Terminal. Then take a boat ride to San Francisco in Camotes Island, which costs Php 200. A habal-habal (motorbike) ride to the beach costs Php 100 and travel time takes approximately 4-5 hours.


Lambug Beach

Badian is the home of the famous Kawasan Falls where you can experience its blue pools, cliff jumping and canyoneering. But another hidden gem can be found in the municipality, and it’s for free. Yep, there are no entrance fees when you visit. Lambug Beach is lined with fine white sand and it’s a destination worth adding to your trip to Badian.

How to get there: From Cebu City, take a bus to Badian at the South Bus Terminal. Drop off at Lambug and ride a habal-habal to the beach. Travel time takes about 3 hours.


Bantayan Island

If you’ve seen the movie Camp Sawi, you’ll probably know what this island is.  Located in Northern Cebu, Bantayan Island is a paradise that’s in everyone’s bucket list. The island is just picturesque in every corner: crystal blue waters, white sand beach, and the long sand bar in Kota Beach. There are plenty of spots to visit in Bantayan, like Paradise Beach, Ogtong cave, and island hopping at Virgin and Hilantagaan Islands. If you want to splurge, you can also try skydiving by Skydive Cebu (Php 18,000).

How to get there: From Cebu City, take a bus to Hagnaya at the North Bus Terminal and take a boat ride to your island of choice. Travel time takes about 4.5 hours.


Hermit’s Cove

Nestled in the southwest of Cebu City, Aloguinsan has a number of unique destinations like the Baluarte Park, and Bojo River where you can take a scenic cruise to see gigantic rock formations. But if you want to deviate from the crowd and just enjoy some peace and quiet, a trip to Hermit’s Cove is a must. The beach is still untouched and it boasts fine white sand too. As it’s hidden, getting to the beach is a fun adventure too; you have to pass through palm trees.

How to get there: From Cebu City, take a van to Pinamungajan at the Citilink Terminal. Ask to be dropped off at The Farmhouse in Aloguinsan and take a habal-habal to Hermit’s Cove. Travel time is approximately 2-3 hours.


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