Bern, Switzerland: The Most Instagrammed City in Winter

It's nothing short of a wonderland.
by | December 24, 2017

Among all the popular cities in the world that tourists flock to during the winter, it’s the city of Bern in Switzerland that takes the top spot as the most Instagrammed according to research made by laser eye surgery clinic Focus Clinics.

The hashtag #Bern was used more than one million times overall, with Aspen, Colorado and the Northern Lights in Norway coming in at second and third place.

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The historic features of the Swiss Capital are what make it such an enchanting place to be in. The narrow cobblestoned streets, medieval-esque buildings, and its multitude of fountains, shops, cellars and bars — most especially when blanketed with snow — give off a feeling of walking through a storybook setting.

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