California’s Skies Turn into a Post-Apocalyptic Orange and Red from Wildfires

No, these aren't caused by the sunset.
by | September 10, 2020

Burning orange and red skies are a wonderful sight to see – as long as they’re sunsets. On September 9, citizens across California woke up to a sight straight from a post-apocalyptic movie: the sky was painted red and orange but this time, it was caused by worsening wildfires across the state. It looks like a filter was applied in real life, but it’s real and horrifying.


What’s happening in California?

A series of atrocious wildfires have been burning across the state of California, USA  for weeks now. The state experiences these wildfires from July to November every year, when the dry and hot winds are apparent. But this year’s wildfires are arguably the worst in the state’s history, with over 2 million acres of land scorched – that is more than the size of 10 New York Cities.

One of this year’s wildfires was caused by a smoke-generating pyrotechnic device at a gender reveal party in San Bernardino County, burning 8.600 acres of land. The ongoing wildfires have also caused forced evacuations in some areas.

Check out these photos from different cities and towns across California:


San Francisco

The August Complex fires in Mendocino County and Oregon have caused dark orange skies over San Francisco. Caused by lightning, the August Complex fires have become California’s second-largest wildfire in history.





Wildfires from the Bay Area have been causing smoky and red-tinted skies across Berkeley. As some wrote, they never saw the sun rise.





Located just 12 miles from San Francisco, people from Oakland also woke up to orange and red skies.



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Similarly in the city of Pittsburgh, Californians witnessed the “apocalyptic” sky.

Courtesy of Jaycee D. Tan

Courtesy of Jaycee D. Tan


Have you received wildfire photos from friends or relatives abroad? Share them below! 

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