Enter Camarines Norte: 8 Destinations to Explore for A Well-Deserved Break

Discover the beauty of Camarines Norte.
by | August 30, 2022

The beautiful province of Camarines Norte isn’t just abundant with mineral-rich farmlands. It’s also home to wondrous beaches, islands, and waterfalls that make Camarines Norte a picture-perfect paradise when you need to clear your mind. Planning a weekend trip here?  Add these destinations to your itinerary! 


Bagasbas Beach (Daet, Camarines Norte)


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The crashing cerulean waves of Bagasbas Beach make it a surfer’s paradise. It’s tranquil and clean, with a long stretch of creamy sand that’s perfect for chilling after riding the waves. Bagasbas Beach is open to the public, so you can always swing by whenever you feel like it. 


Parola Island (Panganiban, Camarines Norte)


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It’s not every day you see a shore with a pinkish hue. Named after the old lighthouse that sits at the heart of the island, Parola Island overlooks palm trees and a long stretch of pink-sand beach. This tropical paradise is private property, and only a handful of tourists are allowed to explore its unspoiled beauty. To schedule a visit, contact the Jose Panganiban Tourism Office.


Mampurog River (Daet, Camarines Norte)


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Located in San Lorenzo Ruiz, the Mampurog River earned the love of locals and tourists for its crystal-clear waters and riveting scenery. From the hanging bridge, you can marvel over the lush greenery surrounding the Mampurog River. There’s also a nearby picnic spot where you can cook meals, such as several huts that offer some shade. 


Malatap Falls (Labo, Camarines Norte)

Malatap Falls is one of Camarines Norte’s hidden wonders. Waters cascading down a wide basin are inviting. You’d also want to sit on one of the large rocks and feel the cooling air embracing you. You won’t leave this place without feeling good and refreshed!



Colasi Falls (Mercedes, Camarines Norte)



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70 feet-tall Colasi Falls is captivating with its turquoise waters gleaming under the sun. It looks so magical that a beautiful nymph would look right at home here. The waterfall is located inside a lush forest, so be prepared to do some hiking. You might even see some beautiful birds if you’re lucky!


Mahabang Buhangin (Tinaga Island, Camarines Norte)


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Whether you’re a beach bum or not, you’ll love Mahabang Buhangin. The powder blue waves dancing with chalk-white sand and the warmth of the sun spell a getaway to remember. This long stretch of beach is the perfect spot to set up camp with your friends and sleep under the stars.


Mercedes Group of Islands (Mercedes, Camarines Norte)


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Mercedes Group of Islands has seven beautiful islands worth exploring. Expect a day of dipping into the waters, island hopping, and glorious sunset scenery. You can’t visit them in one go, so you better have that weeklong vacation scheduled. Tourists need to stay in Daet, though, because there are no hotels on the islands. 


Mananap Falls (San Vicente, Camarines Norte)


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Mananap Falls will take away your breath the moment you see it. The 60-foot high waterfall is among Camarines Norte’s off-the-beaten-path destinations since it’s tucked in a lush forest. It’s the best place to be when you need a break from busy city life. You can swim in the emerald green waters ’til sundown, do some freshwater fishing, or just feel nature’s warm, zen atmosphere. 


Which among these destinations would you like to visit soon?

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