May 2015

How do YOU find and share travel info?

Backpacking with an infant is possible!

Time to start the no-selfie challenge!

Enter a world that’s entirely your own.

Featuring hair, toilets and phallic specimen.

[article_carousel images=""] We all know of the selfie and its ever-growing variations: the welfie (workout selfie), the shelfie (snaps of bookshelves), the belfie (butt selfie), but have you heard of the "elfie"? This is one of the most recent terms that the

Will you stay here?

Beaches, beats, bags.

Kamoteng kahoy everywhere!

Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaah!

Up for some Hello Kitty dimsum?

Lalawigan sa Sugbo.

Sit down and watch!

Pinatubo today.

Featuring Nusa Dua, Seminyak, and Ubud

50% off on all seats!

You're welcome.

[article_carousel images=",,"] Good news, Hong Kong/Macau travelers! Agoda has recently introduced its Hong Kong & Macau Wednesday Flash Sale promo, where you can get 20 to 30% off on accommodations. The promo, which happens every Wednesday until July 29th, will

A week's tour of Europe for less than $500!

A fertility festival up north.

Baguio how you should see it.