8 Filipino Celebrities Who’d Make an Awesome Travel Buddy

Who would you choose?
by | February 06, 2017

One of the biggest considerations we make when preparing for a trip is choosing the company we’d be with. It’s definitely a crucial factor, as it could make or break a trip if we’re with someone we don’t really get along with or has very different ideas of what makes for a fun travel experience. Most of us have our favorite travel buddies, but if you can choose anybody that you’d want to go exploring with, who would you pick? Check out the eight celebrities we feel would be a blast to hang out with while traveling, and see if you would’ve made the same choices!

Erwan Heussaff

A food blogger and restaurateur, Erwan will help get to know a country by way of its food. Part of his preparations for a trip includes listing down restaurants and bars to try. You’ll be in for one gastronomic adventure. (p.s. Proposal not included.)

Reese Lansangan

Music will make any trip even more memorable. With her taste in music, her skills in playing the guitar, and her singing, Reese can definitely help you have an awesome soundtrack as you go from one place to another.

Mike Sy-Lim

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Flight delays? Long queues? You won’t mind such hitches if you’ve got the Fashion Pulis himself keeping you company and keeping you up to date on the latest controversies in showbiz. A possible drawback though is that you might be tempted to just stay in and spend the day chatting, instead of checking out the sights!

Rovilson Fernandez

Vacations are usually a time for pigging out, but with Rovilson as your travel buddy, you won’t have to worry about weight gain so much. The guy makes an effort to exercise no matter what country he’s in, so you not only get a travel companion but a gym buddy as well. Win-win!

Ethel Booba

Travel with someone you can have fun with, they say. With Ethel Booba’s wit, you’re definitely in for a lot of laughs. The woman can come up with the most hilarious comebacks no matter the topic, from the war on drugs to the Ms. Universe pageant. If you ever find yourself in some boring tourist trap, she can definitely spice things up. Charot!

Kuya Kim

With his expertise in the weather and arsenal of trivia, Kuya Kim is obviously a most useful travel buddy. Not sure what to pack? Ask him if it’s going to rain. Curious about that animal in the zoo? He’ll have info on that as well. Who needs Google? As an added bonus, Kuya Kim will speak to you in his signature sing-song way of hosting.

BJ Pascual

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Travel with the charming photographer and you’re sure to have a lot of Insta-worthy shots throughout your trip, as you take his cues on places to go and even what to wear. We mean it: BJ not only manages to find the most photogenic spots, but is always #OOTD-ready as well.

Scarlet Snow Belo

The adorable daughter of doctors Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho would surely be a delightful companion no matter the destination. A happy little kid who’s always on the go, she’ll remind you of how fun it is to discover things for the first time and appreciate even the simplest of joys.

Who’s your dream travel buddy? Tell us in the comments!

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