Chang Mai: A Drone Tour

Breathe easy, sneak in a quick tour of this gem.
by | June 24, 2017

When the hustle and bustle of Bangkok becomes too much for you, you can breathe easily in the laidback streets of Chang Mai. Surrounded by mountains and lush countryside, it is the perfect balance of city life and traditional way of living.

Chang Mai is great for leisure wandering. Various attractions are just within close proximity to one another that you can visit a whole lot of them within the day. Some of these must-sees are the National Museum and the Botanical Gardens which are great spots to unwind in, and the Mae Se Elephant Camp where you can witness the talent and artistry of the elephants kept there.

Being a Buddhist country, Chang Mai is dotted with plenty of temples that serve as feasts to any tourist’s eyes. Its historical center alone, dubbed the walled city, holds more than 30 different temples that date back to years ago in history. But not to be missed is the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep which is regarded as one of the most historically and spiritually significant places in the whole of Thailand. This golden temple sits on the top of Doi Suthep Mountain and those who want to take in its grandeur as well as the impressive panoramic views of Chang Mai must climb the 300 steps leading to the temple.

There are also places where you can still keep in touch with traditional Thailand. Visit the handicraft villages to witness local artistic talent, or learn how to give an authentic Thai massage and cook traditional Thai dishes.

In the evening, the night bazaars are there to sharpen your haggling skills. They may overwhelm a first-timer but you are guaranteed to find great deals on unique souvenirs you won’t get in shopping malls.

Adventure awaits in the jungle beyond the city walls too. Go trekking or rafting, ride the elephants, or meet the ethnic hill tribe villages to fully immerse yourself in Thai culture.

Chang Mai offers so much to a tourist seeking roads less traversed in Thailand. Marvel at its beauty from above in this drone video, and see why it’s called The Rose of the North!

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