Incoming Adorable Photos: Cookie Monster Visits Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Is your heart ready?
by | March 16, 2016

The Cooking Monster visited one of his ultimate favorite zoos, and he called it the “BEST DAY.” He learned about emus, kangaroos, quokkas and koalas. It’s a good thing he documented his animal visit, which means you can gush over adorable photos. Check these out, and you’ll wonder how one photo can hold so much cuteness.


Taronga Zoo’s tram provides a stunning view of the Sydney Harbor. Here’s the Cookie Monster appreciating the thing of beauty.

The first animal that greeted the Cookie Monster was this majestic emu. The emu didn’t seem too excited to see him, but that didn’t stop him from snapping a winner shot.


It’s a good thing he saw a kangaroo next. Not only did the kangaroo give him a warm welcome, the Cookie Monster even snagged a smooch. Sheer bliss got him cross-eyed for a moment.


Behold the sassiest animal out of the bunch. While the Cookie Monster looks jolly as ever, this koala gives us a lesson how to slay the smize. Observe the koala’s gaze, posture and attitude. Take notes, and apply for your next photo op.


There’s no doubt that the emu, kangaroo and koala are very cute animals. There’s one animal that will get you squealing like a little school girl, though. Is your heart ready?

Take a look at this happy quokka. The cookie monster’s adorable level pales in comparison with the quokka’s charming appeal. Don’t you just want to keep it for a friend for life?


Unfortunately, you can only find quokkas in Australia. In the meantime, you can replay this video for an unlimited amount. Also, make sure you save these photos for instant pick-me-ups on a bad day.

Me wanted dis wallaby at the Taronga Zoo to share his snack. Do you think he likes cookies too?

Posted by Cookie Monster on Monday, March 14, 2016


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